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Exercise with Elastic Resistance Training for Pain Reduction

Exercise with Elastic Resistance Training for pain reduction

Some patients who come into my West Seattle Chiropractic Clinic in acute pain say that they are unable to continue their exercise routines.  Others express that they’d like to exercise but are in too much pain.  It is necessary to rest an injury initially while getting Chiropractic treatments, but as soon as the patient can tolerate even gentle stretches the better, working into stability and strength exercises in a short time period. The right type of exercise at the right time can greatly speed up the rate of recovery.

Elastic resistance training with bands or tubing is the ideal way to get started.  A major advantage to using elastic tubing or bands is that very specific muscles and joints can be targeted, starting with very light resistance, which gently begins restoring motion without having a flare-up.  As the patient improves more resistance can be used and more exercises added.  The exercises can be performed anywhere and the elastic doesn’t take up space or require much room to do them in.  The tubing or bands are also very inexpensive.

As you stretch the elastic band, the resistance increases.  This resistance provides a progressive stimulus to the muscle to build strength.  Elastic resistance allows us to exercise single or multiple joints at one time making exercises more functional and efficient.  Regular exercise machines and dumbbells use gravity against the weights (isotonic resistance) and often limit you to one particular exercise per machine.  Elastic resistance doesn’t rely on gravity, its resistance depends on how much the band or tubing is stretched.  The resistance can easily be increased by moving to the next higher color or thickness.

Elastic resistance offers many more movements and directions of motion for exercises.  This requires a higher level of neuromuscular control compared to machines.   Standing positions (instead of seated positions on machines) allows more core muscle activation.  Also you can’t cheat with elastic by using momentum to jerk the weight into position.

My patients are given tailored programs based on their injuries and areas of weakness, while under Chiropractic care.  The exercise programs change as the patient progresses, and it’s fun.

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May 24, 2017
Dr. Adkins

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