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Healthy Pregnancy and Early Parenthood in West Seattle

Treatment for Healthy Pregnancy and Early Parenthood in West Seattle

     Being pregnant and raising young children can be one of the most special times in a person’s life. It can also be one of the most exhausting and demanding times both physically and emotionally.

     Pain and fatigue during this time is typical, but not normal, and there are many things you can do about them. Recognizing that you are experiencing physical and/or emotional stress is the first step in doing something about it. Helping yourself by reducing your own levels of discomfort and exhaustion will only enable you to be a better parent.

     There are several common causes of back pain during pregnancy.  Weight gain and posture changes cause muscle tension.  The release of the hormone Relaxin loosens the spinal muscles and ligaments and can lead to spinal joint instability, pain and a difficult labor and delivery. Abdominal muscle strain and sometimes separation cause extra stress and pain in the back muscles. Emotional stress related to all of the changes that are happening also causes muscle tightening and pain.

     Parents commonly experience back pain due to all of the bending and lifting required to take care of a baby. Recuperation from giving birth takes time and rest, which a new mom rarely gets. Carrying the extra weight gained during pregnancy is another cause.

     Dr. Adkins can go over best ways to bend and lift, and the proper gear to use that will help limit the strain on your body and help maintain better posture when you are bending and lifting. She will also look at positons to be in while feeding, and ways to avoid nursing pain. Gentle stretching exercises can be prescribed for your specific needs. Ways to support the adrenal glands (the body’s stress glands) and healthy weight loss are other common issues that Dr. Adkins can help with.

       As a Doctor of Chiropractic in West Seattle, Dr. Adkins is trained to use special techniques and equipment designed for comfort while helping pregnant women and new parents to get relief and healing. 

Call Dr. Gloria Adkins today for a complete evaluation to determine if she can help.

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December 15, 2016
Dr. Adkins

Adkins Chiropractic Clinic in West Seattle opened at 6021C California Ave. 6 years ago. As a chiropractor with over 27 years of experience, my goal is to help restore function and well-being to each patient. I have a genuine desire to help you get great results.