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Treatment for pain during pregnancy in West Seattle


     Many pregnant women who come into my West Seattle office present with low back pain.  It is very effective to receive chiropractic care while pregnant, but even more beneficial to begin care prior to pregnancy.  One major cause of back pain and difficult labor is poor musculoskeletal health.  For instance, if a woman in a sedentary job who has not been exercising becomes pregnant, the tone of her pelvic stabilizing muscles will not be adequate to tolerate the extra stresses that pregnancy places on her.  She will be prone to low back pain and pelvic pain, sciatic nerve impingement, upper back pain, headaches and abdominal discomfort, as well as her baby’s delivery being more difficult.

     The pelvic floor muscles that are suspended from the pelvis are what the baby lays in.  Any imbalances in the pelvis will change the tensions in these muscles which will greatly affect the baby’s positioning. Also, these muscles have to dilate greatly during delivery, and if there is pelvic distortion, the birth process will be more difficult on both the mother and the baby.

     Another major factor that plays a big role is the effects of pregnancy hormones which cause ligament laxity especially later in the pregnancy.  Poor posture and incorrect sitting positions can contribute to the ligament instability.

     The Sacro Occipital Technique is very effective for treating pelvic distortion and ligament instability.  The treatments are gentle and relaxing.  SOT works by specific positioning on pelvic wedges and uses the weight of the body to correct the imbalance.  This realigns the bones, takes the pressure off the ligaments, and makes a bigger and more balanced space for the baby to occupy.

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December 08, 2016
Dr. Adkins

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